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Getting organized in your home, office and time could be the key to increasing your abundance in EVERY area of life!   Your ability to become more organized and intentional in life may have the potential to radically improve your productivity. From kitchen counter tops to the mounds of paper on your desk, to your junk-filled car – your “space” is a reflection of your life.   Show me a person’s car, for example, and I can tell you a lot about their thoughts, actions, and behaviors.

Get OrganizedSanya weighed over 300 pounds and was desperately seeking life-change. She came to me with hopes of losing the excess weight as well as $30,000 in credit card debt.  Upon arriving at my office, I asked her if she would take me to her car for a quick inspection.  As she opened the car door, a can fell out of a messy, trash-filled car full of old papers, shoes, food bags, and wrappers. I had seen enough and kindly asked her to follow me inside.

Sure enough, as we unraveled the root issues behind her excessive weight and debt, it was clear that those challenges were mere symptoms of a deeper need for transformation, self-respect and self-discipline. Good news is that after only one year, Sanya lost over 85 pounds and demolished $30,000 in debt to go on to live a thriving life of balance and peace.

organizeThe key: She had a cluttered mind, cluttered soul, and cluttered life and was in serious need of GETTING ORGANIZED. Though her process included much mental reconditioning, there are a few practical tips we gave her to de-clutter her environments that will serve as a great help to anyone looking to de-clutter their life. They include:

Tip #1: Organize Your Emotional Space
Tip #2: Organize Your Work Space
Tip #3:  Organize Your Personal Space


Do you ever find yourself misplacing important items or searching for things that you just can’t seem to find? You say to yourself that you will come up with a better system for organizing the details of your life, but where do you begin? Design Psychologist, Kelli Ellis states, “You see that person who has papers flying out of files, or you see their handbag, and you say, ‘I know exactly what your car looks like or what your home office looks like.’” If you have overflowing drawers or an overflowing purse, chances are you have excessive overflow in every area of life. We call that overflow: Clutter.

A lack of organization, mentally, spiritually or physically, can leave you frustrated, delayed, disappointed and even late for important meetings, deadlines, or events. Such disorganization eats away at our time and productivity. Think of all of the wasted seconds and minutes used up on searching for keys, papers, clothing and even excess time spent on messy relationships.

So how do you reorganize your emotional space?  One thing for sure is that you can’t add TIME to your life.  There are only 24 hours in a day so how you choose to strategically use those hours and who you spend them with is critical to the success of your life plan.  “To be truly happy, sometimes you must eliminate unhealthy people and situations from your life,” says Alex Lluch, author of Secrets to Love Life and Be Happy.

If you find yourself surrounded by negative, emotionally draining people and situations, begin to remove them from your mental and physical space. If you feel stuck in a dead-end job, don’t just sit around complaining about the mess, make a determined effort to change.  If you are living in a lack of peace, search out a solid church that is grounded in faith, hope and love and plug in as if your life depended on it.

Breaking away from a comfort zone of cluttered voices, relationships, habits and even a job will not be easy. It may take a monumental amount of confidence and courage, but it could very well be the key to unlocking your greatest, most inspiring days ahead.

Take Donisha, who came to me weighing 330 pounds. Her life, home, work, and, yes, her car were a cluttered mess. She lived with a massive amount of clutter and stress for over 10 years till finally she made a radical decision to leave her comfort zone, change jobs, move to a new city, plug into a church with a strong leadership culture, and clean house spirit, soul AND body.

The result? One year later she was loving her new job, having lost 123 pounds and loving life. Two years later, she had lost 181 pounds and her life took on a whole new perspective.

To master Tip #1, you, like Donisha, may have to made some radical decisions. However, change doesn’t come to those who wish for it to happen. It comes to those willing to make it happen with daily effort, faith, and determination.


Tip #2 – GETTING ORGANIZED – Organize Your Work Space


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