Miracle Recovery

Thank you, everyone, for your continued prayers for mom. Sunday was like a roller coaster ride with plenty of ups and downs that had everyone searching for a divine miracle for mom. It was recommended that I come down immediately to assess the situation because mom was not doing well at all.

So here’s what happened: Last week when mom was admitted back in the hospital, her leukemia cells had reached up to 95%. They immediately placed her on chemo to get the number down. The good news is that it worked so good that her count came down to 1.5%, which was awesome!! The problem was with the speed of the cells being destroyed so quickly created a lot of waste and by products in the body that needed to be eliminated. So, imagine a river that’s jammed with a bunch of dead logs, the water has no where to go. Mom’s kidneys became a clogged, which created a chain of reactions that included her pressure to her heart and lungs.

The doctors were going to put her on a dialysis machine to help take pressure off the kidneys. As the situation grew more critical, doctors suggested we call in the rest of the family. The chaplain took time with mom and quite honestly, we realized the need for an immediate miracle.

In addition to her kidneys, mom was experiencing a dramatically elevated heart rate and fast shallow breathes. They ended up putting a contraption on mom’s face that looked like something fresh out of a Star Wars movie that helped mom control her breathing while the doctors scratched their heads looking at x-rays, sonograms, and CT scans. They finally concluded that the right side of mom’s heart was not performing at an optimum level. The right side is responsible for pushing blood into the lungs to receive oxygen.

As you can imagine, we quickly flew into the mode of “calling all prayers”. We began calling everyone we knew who believed in prayer. My wife, Staci drove down and at 6:00 we came together and prayed along with the prayers of so many other people. Staci began to sing worship songs over mom as she struggled to breath. After an hour, she seemed to be stabilizing and a peace came over her. At 7:00pm, they asked us to step out so they could do a shift change.

We came back in the room at 7:30pm and she was the vision of a miracle in action. She was sitting up in her bed, the Star Wars Oxygen mask was gone and she was able to speak clearly, something she hadn’t been able to do in 36 hours. Her heartrate was normal and she her kidneys pulled through and started to create the out-put she needed to bring more balance to her system. The doctors canceled the dialysis machine and are very pleased with the new results. Of course, we believe in miracles and know she is a miracle in action.

Staci and I finished the night with her as she watched Dancing With The Stars and “The Bachelor”. What a joy to see such a beautiful turnaround. We all slept well.

Today, Mom is sustaining her progress. She is talking more and more clearly and has even found the energy to be her spunky self, telling Pops what to do and sparring with the doctors. She is still in ICU and have put together a list of things we are all praying to happen. Please pray with us for the following things:

  • We need her heart rate to stay stabilized in the normal zone.
  • Her lungs still need to get rid of more of the waste fluid that had built up over the past few days.
  • Pray for her blood sugar to normalize as it has been elevated today. That could have something to do with the fact that they have had her on only liquids.
  • Continue to pray for the strength and health of her organs.
  • Pray for her bone marrow to produce healthy red and white blood cells and healthy platelets.
  • And of course, pray for the leukemia to go away….forever!

Once these happen and she is completely stabilized, they will move her back to her normal floor. Of course, she is believing to skip the “normal floor” and head straight home instead! I love her faith and am so proud of her fighting spirit.

Thank you everyone for standing strong with us and praying for mom. Please continue to pray. Mom has literally thousands of people praying for her all around the world. We know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that those prayers are working. Let’s finish this miracle strong together.

Thank you for your friendship and prayers.

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