P.U.S.H. (week 4) – Hustle


Blog BannerThis is the final week of the four week P.U.S.H. series. Today we talk about “H”.

HUSTLE like a Heretic

First lets take a look at what the word Hustle means according to the dictionary.

HUSTLE means to obtain something by force.

It means to want something so passionately that you sacrifice for it.  You work day and night for it.  You give up sleep for it and under all opposition or persecution, you don’t give up till you secure it as your own!

Today, we talk about the power of a dream and the importance of a clearly executed plan supported by a leader who is relentless in their pursuit.  When you are willing to HUSTLE, you become a different kind of entrepreneur.  You become powerful beyond words.  You can’t be contained or restrained because, like water, creeping, crawling, moving toward any crack or opening, you are determined to expand beyond your current boundaries so that your greatness can birth new life.

IMAGINE IT:  The dream in your heart is given life or death by the thoughts of your mind.
PLAN FOR IT:  A dream without a plan is nothing more than wishful thinking.
HUSTLE FOR IT:  A plan backed by execution and daily action becomes a reality in due season.
ENJOY THE REWARDS OF IT:  Most will never see this phase because they QUIT too soon.  They jump to something new.  They get caught in “shiny object” syndrome and end up regretting life and wishing for more.

A warrior that HUSTLES is one that knows what they want and devises a clearly crafted plan to get it and then work day and night for it.  Now….to hustle like a HERETIC means that you not only have a plan, but you are willing to think outside the box of “normal” in order to get it.

The word HERETIC means:  a person holding an opinion or viewpoint that is contrary to what is normal or generally acceptable.   

To hustle like a heretic means that you will not be confined by the opinions of others.  You will not let another person’s opinion of you or your current situation confine you to a box or limited belief system.  Instead, you break the mold of the “normal” that is around you and become a sort of thermostat of change.

See, thermometers can only dictate or reflect their surroundings.  But a thermostat has the power to recognize the surroundings and then revolutionize or CHANGE the surroundings.  To hustle like a heretic means YOU CREATE THE RULES and only YOU set the limitations of your greatness.

Matthew 11:12 says, “The kingdom of God is under violent attack BUT THE VIOLENT TAKE IT BY FORCE.”

Throughout scripture we learn that the kingdom of God is defined on earth as being RIGHTEOUSNESS, PEACE AND JOY in the Holy Spirit.

So here’s there deal…..there is a war being waged against you, your dreams, your destiny, your peace and your joy.  But as violent as the forces against you might seem right now, WITHIN YOU is a powerful ability, given to you by God to rise above those circumstances and HUSTLE the hustler of your soul.  Fight the enemy of average.  War against the army that wages against your mind, trying to tell you that you are too fat, too old, too white, too black, too young, too WHATEVER.

Now is the time to step out of that normal thinking and become charged by a super God.  Your normal, when placed in the hands of a SUPER God, gives you the power to have SUPER-NATURAL ability to escape your current circumstances and live the life you DREAM.

Stop what you are doing right now and write out your “imagine” your ideal life.  Then, ask yourself, what needs to change in order for you to have it. l Then, devise the plan of hustle that you will have to do DAILY to get it.  Then….when that dream becomes a reality….TELL ME ABOUT IT!

I am believing the BEST for you this week!






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