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Health – Page 2 – Staci Wallace
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  ARE YOU READY TO GO TO THE NEXT LEVEL? For the past two weeks, I keep hearing the words in my head,  “NEXT LEVEL”.  In a number of my coaching sessions this week, I continue to refer to their “evolution” in faith, family, finances, and fitness as their NEXT LEVEL experience.  Some of them […]

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How To Shift Cupid’s Arrow On Valentines Day

I woke up today and immediately saw posts that read, “Why I HATE Valentines Day”….”Valentines Day Sucks”…and “Pakistan Refuses to Observe Valentines Day”.   It hit me….while to some, Valentines Day is a day of roses, chocolates and true love, there are others who suffer the pain of loss, depression and sadness on what is suppose […]

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Shift Happens (WK 8 – Let It Go!)

Perhaps Elsa in Disney’s classic learned a secret worth applying in your business when she declared “Let it go, let it go!”  What if the things you’ve been holding onto are the very things holding you back from your next level of elevated thinking and performance? YOU are a very complex being.  More than just a body, […]

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Health Hack 101: Drink More Water

Want to disrupt the funk that has been going on in your body.  Try this HEALTH HACK  101:  DRINK MORE WATER. It could very well be the Miracle Cure your body is longing for. Water is the single most important nutrient we give our bodies. We can live up to 7 weeks without food, but  […]

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Reinvent Your Life With Asparagus?

Improve your health with asparagus! Did you know that asparagus is highly alkaline and could be a power food in your passion for wellness? It is commonly known that the key to avoiding disease is to maintain a PH balance in your body that is alkaline and not acidic. Cancer, for example, only grows when […]

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Silencing The Voice Of Depression

Recently, a new client opened up to share her challenge with depression and voices that have recently lead her to thoughts of suicide.   She was struggling through personal health issues, financial stress, and relationship challenges that seemed larger than life.  As I completed our session together, I realized that this is not an individual case […]

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