I used to love the Francis of Assisi quotation, “Preach the gospel at all times; if necessary, use words.”

It feels good, but is it theologically correct? I like the idea of our lives speaking louder than our words, but as I continue to dig deeper into scripture each day, I realize that “sayings of men” can feel good and even motivational, but are they good words or GOD’S WORD?

If God wanted us to merely LIVE HIs word, we would have no reasons for our lips, vocal chcordsnd mouths. I was delightfully surprised this morning when I saw Jim Denison’s blog say:

“You’ve probably heard the Francis of Assisi quotation, ‘Preach the gospel at all times; if necessary, use words.’ As researcher Ed Stetzer notes, there are two problems with this quote. First, Francis never said it. Second, it’s incomplete theology.

Stetzer: “Using that statement is a bit like saying, ‘Feed the hungry at all times; if necessary, use food.’” The gospel is good news, and, as Stetzer notes, “good news needs to be told.”

This was such a confirmation to my spirit as I continue to see the WORLD’S “anti-Christian” agenda spreading like a wild-fire and confidently being proclaimed LOUDLY with great force and financial support. The crazy thing is that Christians have bought in and now blend into the world so much it is often hard to see one that really STANDS OUT.
Jesus was not mute. He was not silent. He was not afraid of opposition or offending the leaders of His time. He walked into temples and said, “YOU HYPOCRITES! YOU WHITE-WASHED TOMBS! YOU CLEAN THE OUTSIDE OF THE CUP AND YET THE INSIDE IS LIKE FILTHY RAGS!”

I guess words were important then, as they are today!!!!

Jesus’ final instructions to His disciples was to “Go into all the world and PREACH the gospel….” Mark 16:15

preach: (v)

  • to publicly proclaim or teach (a religious message or belief).
  • to earnestly advocate for a belief or course of action.

In a world where we see Christian values and Christians being ostracized, persecuted, sued and even kicked out of public schools and restaurants, NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO BE SILENT.

Jesus, the disciples and the apostles all SPOKE of their faith. They “boldly proclaimed” the gospel. They LOVED deep through their works of compassion, but let’s not be mistaken……they were willing to DIE for the message of the Kingdom of God.

I challenge you this Christmas to be more than a blank billboard, hoping the world get’s your message by osmosis of energy. Be more than a hand out to other….give them the hand UP they need by teaching them the truth!


I wrote this song a LONG time ago, but it still carries the message of boldness, courage and letting your voice make shift happen in the world around you.




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