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Many of you know that I used to be a passion about Mixed Martial Arts following YEARS of competative sports, including basketball, which was my “wheelhouse” for years.  Most of you know me as a life coach, serial entrepreneur or recording artist, but it was the years in competitive sports and practice in MMA that lead me to become a black belt and a true warrior at heart.

Little did I know how my grit and drive would give me the mental focus, competitive spirit and confidence to build great businesses, create extraordinary outreaches of generosity, have both of my children naturally and choose to become a warrior on behalf of my “why”, which is advancing the Kingdom of God.

But today, is NOT about Mixed Martial Arts but a different MMA that requires equal attention to preparation, dedication and practice.  What we are talking about is Money Making Activities and the power to build a legacy that outlives your own ability to fight.

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Everyone WANTS more money, more time, more friends, more stuff and more power.  However, most people don’t even have SPACE or capacity to receive MORE.  In this week’s Warrior Training, we talk about the power of creating capacity BEFORE stepping out to create increase.  Creating Capacity means that you are making room for better things to come.  Three areas to consider when you are wanting to increase your Money Making Activities are:    TIME – TALENT – TREASURE.

TIME:  If you are “too busy” to attend local meetings, you are TOO BUSY.  If you are “too busy” to spend quality time with your family, you are TOO BUSY.  If your time is consumed with activities that are NOT equalling the results you hope to achieve, you need to regroup, rethink and restart your daily activities.  Be intentional with every minute of your day and plan according to your core values.


TALENT:  Whether you are wanting to win a gold medal in swimming or become a championship corporate athlete, you will have to learn to invest in yourself, your talents and your ability to WIN.  Don’t think that you are “good enough”.  Instead, invest in your skills by reading great books or watching daily trainings by the masters of your trade or business.  If you want to improve the results around you, improve the leader within you!

TREASURE:  Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also!  If you are wasting money on things that do not produce a valuable return on your investment…rethink your financial strategy.  Spending is an epidemic that plagues our nation as we have become more and more addicted to the latest fad, technology or “must have” gadget or fashion.  While we continue spending, it is devastating to see how little we actually GIVE to others or to our churches or organizations that are doing the most good.  As you consider your desire to make MO-money, ask yourself, “Am I an extravagant giver?  Do I have excess in my life that if I chose to GIVE could open capacity for greater abundance in my life?”

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Next week’s MMA topic…..DON’T FIGHT STUPID FIGHTS  ….Pick your money making battles wisely so that you STAY magnetic!

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As a highly sought-after speaker, thought leader, author, and expert in business psychology, Staci Wallace’s messages of uncompromising truth equip CEO's, influencers, entrepreneurs, and leaders in the marketplace to launch and scale purpose-driven, highly profitable lives and businesses that leave a powerful impact on the world. With over 35 years in Executive Corporate Leadership and over 25 in global ministry, Staci's desire is to support Kingdom Entreprenuers with tools that equip leaders and send them to the four corners of the earth.  Her distinctions in business success have enabled her to share the stage with five U.S. Presidents and many other high profile leaders of this generation as well as to be a featured "Life & Business Coach" for such shows as KTHV's Morning Show, NBC, ABC, FOX and is the current co-host of the "Fueled By Fire Podcast" alongside her husband of 25 years, Larry Wallace.

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Eartha Wright says November 13, 2016

Ms. Staci, you are my inspiration. I Thank God for you and the wisdom that He has given you and that you share with all people. Thank you so much and God Bless You and your family.

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