President Trump, Chairman Kim Jong Un …. and YOU!


On today’s Warrior DNA we are diving into the topic: “PRESIDENT TRUMP, CHAIRMAN KIM JONG UN….AND YOU!”

After a historical summit of unprecedented magnitude, President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un represent more than global powers and political rhetoric.  Watch today’s WARRIOR DNA to discover how this week’s SUMMIT is a clarion message to families, companies and the stage of human interaction.

Everything in the natural has a supernatural correlation.  Is it possible that God is using President Trump and Chairman Kim to give us a bigger message that applies to “life in general”?  Today, I cover 5 powerful principles you can use to advance your negotiation skills at home, work and life!


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About the Author Staci Wallace

As a highly sought-after speaker, thought leader, author, and expert in business psychology, Staci Wallace’s messages of uncompromising truth equip CEO's, influencers, entrepreneurs, and leaders in the marketplace to launch and scale purpose-driven, highly profitable lives and businesses that leave a powerful impact on the world. With over 35 years in Executive Corporate Leadership and over 25 in global ministry, Staci's desire is to support Kingdom Entreprenuers with tools that equip leaders and send them to the four corners of the earth.  Her distinctions in business success have enabled her to share the stage with five U.S. Presidents and many other high profile leaders of this generation as well as to be a featured "Life & Business Coach" for such shows as KTHV's Morning Show, NBC, ABC, FOX and is the current co-host of the "Fueled By Fire Podcast" alongside her husband of 25 years, Larry Wallace.

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