Have you ever thought to yourself, “God….how long do I have to WAIT?”  This morning was one of those mornings where I felt a sweet calm and magnetic type pull to “BE STILL” in my time of devotions and simply listen while I listen to my meditation music play softly in the background of my thoughts.  As I waited in stillness to HEAR from my heavenly Father, the following scripture resonated in my spirit:

Isaiah 40:31
But they that WAIT ON THE LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.


The first thing that popped into my mind when I thought of that scripture was not a “waiting” as if to sit around and do nothing.  Instead, my mind quickly painted a picture of a kind and generous butler waiting on or serving his master with generosity, honor and a desire to give him anything he might ask at any given moment.  I envisioned a wise but sturdy butler, dressed in a black suit, white gloves, and a white towel draped over his arm as if to be in a posture to serve his king not matter what the request might be.

In “waiting” seasons of our lives, there is often a tendency to become discouraged or disheartened when things don’t seem to be going our way.  If we are not in a posture of servitude while we wait on our dreams, we can become distracted, disillusioned or detoured by the stillness of the WAIT.  So what’s the solution?

Instead of WAITING on your dream….WAIT on the dream maker.  Ask Him today how you can serve him better.  What does HE need from you in this moment that would better fulfill HIS vision on earth.  WHO can  you serve today that God has placed in your path?  HOW can you position yourself or posture yourself to better receive God’s favor and blessings when your time has come?

My son came to room today while I was studying this very scripture and I asked him, “Payton what does this scripture mean to you, “They that wait on the Lord…”

Immediately, he said, “Mom, when I hear that, I see a baseball player in the outfield.  He has prepared to be there.  He has practiced to be there.  But waiting in the outfield means EXPECTING a fly ball to come your way.  I see “waiting” as an opportunity to EXPECT something good to come your way.  Velocity will elevate the ball of favor in your direction.  (That is the part controlled by man.)  But gravity will cause it to come down into your grasp.  (Gravity is a law of the universe, controlled by God).  I see “waiting” as an expectation that the ball of favor is headed my way and my responsibility is to get into the posture and position to receive it when in comes down.

WOW!  I love the depth he can go at only 17 years old.

So let’s take those two thoughts and put them together.

  1.  WAIT on the Lord today…..  Get in a posture of serving HIM in the little things so that he can cause you to MOUNT up in the bigger dreams of life.  Serve your family with love and respect.  Serve your sibling with humility.  Serve your church with passion.  Serve your boss with honor.  Take on the role of a servant or butler, knowing that “in all that you do….do it as UNTO the Lord Himself”.  Servitude is the gateway to the latitude of your highest calling.
  2. WAIT on the Lord today….  Position yourself emotionally, spiritually, creatively, physically, and in every way to RECEIVE from him the desires of your heart.  Don’t grow impatient in the outfield, but PRACTICE so that you can be PREPARED to catch the ball of favor when it falls in your direction.Historically, the word “WAIT” in this scripture (from קוה qâvâh), denotes waiting in the sense of having an earnest expectation that something good is coming your way.  So today, make it a point to serve others during your waiting season with an expenctancy that you will see the fulfillment of your wildest dreams if you don’t give up or become distracted in the process.


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