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Changing of Seasons

As I sit here looking out my window, I am simply amazed at the beauty of the transitioning seasons. I planted flowers this week and love the feeling of stepping back after the old, dried flowers are removed and the beauty of the new blooms are in place. I feel the same sense of accomplishment […]

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Reflection of God’s Love

Last night was quite special as my husband arrived home from spending time with his mom in Texas. Larry’s mom is fighting cancer and being prepped for a bone marrow transplant. I am simply amazed at how God works in mysterious ways. Despite the nastiness of the disease, God has used cancer to win my […]

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Hit’n the Road

Today has been quite busy as we continue the effort to solidify the partnerships and alignments necessary for EMwomen to have an international presence and impact women around the globe.I have been invited to 11 countries in the last three weeks to take EMwomen to women who need hope and empowerment in other nations. We […]

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Spending Addicts

I am simply amazed when I hear the impact debt is having on women and their marriages.   Since the “underground” release of my book “SmartMoney”, I have been shocked at the stories of addiction that have come in.  One lady shared her story of addiction to overspending, saying it was so severe that she is […]

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No Small Dreams

Today was such a busy day in Dallas as we continue to stream with producers, writers and visionaries on our upcoming production. I have so much in my spirit that longs to be released, but I am deeply aware of the need for patience in the process. Sometimes I find myself wanting everything immediately and […]

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